The Word of the Day is SHARE


This is what has inspired me to create a blog for my students, fellow teachers and parents.  I had the opportunity today to meet someone from the twittershpere at a professional learning session.  George Couros (@gcouros) presented to our district about using technology “smartly” within our classroom.  He was able to reaffirm for me that some of the tools that I have been using (Twitter and GoogleApps) were excellent tools to continue to use, and discussed his views on the importance of blogging and sharing.  The message of sharing is what I took away the most from his session.  I view myself as someone who does share most of the great ideas and resources that I come across, but never have I had the opportunity to share with so many as I do now.  Leaving the session, and discussing his ideas and topics with colleagues reaffirmed my desire to share as much as I could.  Hence the creation of this page – my professional blog.  A fellow teacher in my building who also attended the session (@Challmv) has found similar inspiration and created his own professional blog here.

I believe that it is a strange and exciting time to be in education, as “the shift” becomes more evident throughout my region and beyond.  A shift that is causing me to reflect on my own teaching and how I see education and teaching in my own building and classroom.  I have only been teaching for 5 years (this year being year six…), so I don’t claim to know much at all about the direction that education is heading.  To give you an idea of what my nightstand looks like right now: How To Grade for Learning by Ken O’Connor, Tuned Out: Engaging the 21 Century Learner by Karen Hume and Evidence to Action: Engaging and Teaching Young Adolescents Through Assessment by Karen Hume. 

I am excited about this change in thinking and approach to education!  And I want to use my professional blog as my own “personal learning network”, or PLN.  I am inspired by those I have met, work with and read about that have already begun this journey.

I hope to post and share new ideas, links and information as timely as possible and hope that others will visit and do the same.  Here we go!


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