It started with the shoes….

It is but the second full day of classes.  We have just come back from a long weekend, and the kids are just starting to settle into a routine.  Some students know each other in their classes, others do not.  Others still are brand new to the school and the city, as they have emigrated to Canada.  Today, in this extremely fresh and new school year, I witnessed kindness like I have never seen before.

Kindness from a grade eight boy in my advisor class.

I discovered today that one of my advisors, we will call him Calvin, had noticed that a peer of his, in the same class, did not have the best of shoes.  On his own accord, by his own decision, Calvin sought the advice of school councilors to determine the shoe size of his peer and set out to buy her a new, more comfortable and winter-worthy pair of shoes.  It took Calvin the weekend, but he found them.  A pair of tan colored Sketchers, shoes that were “trendy but would still be good for the winter”, as he put it.  He was then going to have school staff anonymously gift the shoes to this young lady.


I racked my brain trying to think of the last time that I had witnessed such an act of kindness…. and was stumped.  Please don’t get me wrong – I have had some incredible young individuals come into my classroom over the years of teaching and have seen some outstanding personalities with such passion, drive and enthusiasm it seems to be unmatched for the years to come.  But never have I seen such compassion for another from a middle school student.

I can only imagine what this young lady will feel when she gets these shoes later this week.  For me, it is uplifting and energizing.  Such a positive and energetic act to start the school year solidifies my approach to the school year – be there for one another, make each others day, play and choose your attitude.  And take care of each other, no matter what.


One thought on “It started with the shoes….

  1. incredible. what a great kid and what a lucky girl. I love seeing stuff like that!

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