A New First

This is my first blog post in quite some time, and I actually have guilt over it.  So…. here it goes!

This year, I am no longer teaching middle school.  I am not teaching high school and not elementary school either!  I have the amazing opportunity to each at the University of Lethbridge in the Faculty of Education.  This opportunity is a secondment position – it means that I am “on leave” from my school district and “on loan” to the Faculty of Education.  My teaching assignment this year has me working with not only amazing faculty members (such as @hewsonk27, @rmarynow, and @mombouc to name just a few) but working within the professional semester one with the first year education students!

If there was ever a time when professional growth was at its peak for possible potential, I think this would be it.  Collaboration is not a buzz word, I am living it.  The collaboration thus far in the first two weeks before class has been OUTSTANDING!  I have worked with collaborative individuals before, but I never actually thought that it would be to the extent that it is in advanced education.  No slight there – really!  I just am surprised at how willing everyone that I have spoken to is willing to share and work with this newbie.

Now, back to the “kids” for just a moment.  The new teachers.  The “raw” teachers, if you will.  Another amazing professional growth opportunity for me AND them.  I am so excited to share everything that I can about my teaching, the teaching of others, pedagogy, theory, practice and new ideas.  And in turn, I am looking forward to the energy, creativity, enthusiasm and excitement that they will bring to the class each day.

I should have thought about posting this much earlier in the day when I had more time to write (believe me – I have lots to do before tomorrow and few hours before bed!), but I thought that if I am having mys students do some reflecting while in their student teaching round, then I need to be modelling the same.

So count this as the start of (hopefully!) a much busier year to blogging, sharing and Tweeting.  And here we go….!


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