“We Have Ignition….”

My masters program journey has been, for the most part, enjoyable.  Doing the classes through video conferencing between two sites can be difficult at times, and frustrating, but the learning that is happening and the sharing is quite something.  There are 18 of us, myself included.  We have discussed, debated, agreed, shared and discussed some more on many topics relating to leadership, education, culture, organizations and brain research.

And today, we touched once again on the brain.  And I was ignited with excitement about the topic – why didn’t I remember this excitement??


I had actually forgotten about a book that I had read until today.  The book, 12 Brain Rules by John Medina, was used and referenced extensively today in my class.  The topic: the art and the science of teaching.  The rules are simple, and I wont take the time to review them in this post.  I remember at the time reading them that it was sort of that “well duh!” but at the same time thinking “no kidding!” .  And now today, the same thoughts ran through my head, as well as thinking “how can I use this with my university classes?” and “do I follow these same brain rules in my teaching?”.  

The 12 brain rules got me thinking about my own teaching.  It got me thinking about the way that I want to teach and continue to teach.  It made me reflect.  Something that I have (I think!) done in my teaching… but certainly not enough.  I recently began to follow a very interesting and unique pre-service teacher on Twitter (@jbechthold) who has, though his own reflections and writings, made me paused and reflect once more on many aspects of what I am doing.  It has also

emphasized to me the importance of reflection in our business of kids, and ensuring that I, as an educator, am continuing to look for ways to grow and for areas of improvement.


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