Why do I teach?

I have a confession to make...

I have a confession to make…

As part of the introductory course requirements, I have asked many of my pre-service teachers to reflect on why it is that they want to teach or why they have chosen to teach?  After reading so many great reflections, thoughts and writings, I felt that it was time that I revisited my roots as to why I began teaching so many years ago (nine to be exact… I know, an eternity).

I love school.  I still love school.  And I think that comes from my love of learning.  I cannot tell you where this love of learning comes from – my mothers inquisitive nature, my grandfathers amazing knowledge and understanding of how things work, or my teachers and their passion for their subject.  What I can tell you is that in the 8th grade, my science teacher, Mr. Sikora, made me love science.  For me, that was a turning point in the first step towards teaching.  I began to dig deeper into the sciences, asking more questions about more topics and more ideas.  This carried into high school where a few more of my great teachers continued to excite and inspire me with more questions.  And not just about science – about reading, writing, thinking, knowing and collaborating.  I think that by the time 11th grade hit, I was set on teaching.

My love for learning has not stopped, I can promise that.  In such a few short weeks in my new position, I have learned so much from not only so many incredible and truly amazing colleagues, but the reflective process and the questioning with the students has been incredible.  I knew coming in that this was an amazing growth opportunity – I just don’t think that I thought I would see how big this opportunity was so soon in the school year.

The decision to teach was never really a question for me – I wanted to work with kids to help them gain perspective, knowledge and understanding about the world around them and to ask critical questions.  I wanted to, and continue to want to, help them to grow.  However, I can honestly say that I do not think that I ever would have ventured to guess about how much it teaching would change me and how much I would grow personally and professionally.


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