Application of Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

The Teaching Quality Standard of Alberta states that “teachers’ analysis of contextual variables underlies their reasoned judgments and decisions about which specific pedagogical skills and abilities to apply in order that students can achieve optimum learning“.

I believe that I have met this standard by demonstrating the following:

  • Developing and maintaining a engaging and positive classroom environment for students of all backgrounds and cultures through the building of positive and supportive teacher-student relationships.  Teachers must pass what I have known as the “human test” for the best possible learning environment to be achieved.
  • Creating, developing and implementing lessons, activities and forms of assessments that support the Alberta Program of Studies curriculum and knowledge, skills and attributes of all learners.
  • Communicating with parents in any situation through email and phone.  I do so in a timely manner to discuss their child’s progress, behaviour, and achievements throughout the school year, as well as discuss methods and tools to best support their child’s learning.
  • Working with inter-acency personnel and staff to ensure the best possible learning environment and supports are in place for any and all students.
  • Using any and all available resources to ensure the best possible learning environment and experience for all students in my classroom.  I utilize a variety of teaching approaches and pedagogy based on student needs, and incorporate related activities, assessments, field-trips, collaborations, and discussions to foster learning.

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