Understanding Subject Discipline(s)

The Teaching Quality Standard of Alberta states that “teachers understand the knowledge, concepts, methodologies and assumptions of the subject disciplines they teach. This includes an understanding of how knowledge in each discipline is created and organized, and that subject disciplines are more than bodies of static facts and techniques – they are complex and evolving. Their understanding extends to relevant technologies, the linkages among subject disciplines, and their relevance and importance in everyday life at the personal, local, national and international levels.

I believe that I have met this standard by demonstrating the following:

  • Encouraging real and authentic learning in the subject discipline I teach by infusing the program of studies with key competencies of a 21st century learner. These competencies may include collaboration, communication, citizenship, leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and innovation, literacy, global/cultural awareness and lifelong learning.
  • Participating in professional learning through a variety of sources, including sessions, courses, conferences, webcasts, Twitter, online professional/personal learning networks and books to increase my own knowledge and understanding of the topics and concepts that I teach to students.
  • Continuing to work individually and collaboratively in developing better long and short range plans to reflect changes and shifts in the subject discipline content.
  • By using social media and the internet to demonstrate collaboration within the subject discipline that I teach and to model collaboration to students to research, gather, and present information and concepts related to the program of studies.

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