Understanding Student Needs and Progress

The Teaching Quality Standard of Alberta states that “teachers gather and use information about students’ learning and needs.  They monitor students actions on an ongoing basis to determine and respond to their learning needs.  Teachers select and develop a variety of assessment strategies and instruments to assess learning objectives, and help students and parents to interpret assessments.

I believe that I have met this standard by demonstrating the following:

  • Using anecdotal observations to assess student behaviour, difficulties and strengths.
  • Evaluate a wide variety of assessment tools and strategies and implement them to support the students in achieving the outcomes and objectives for the curriculum.
  • Report and communicate assessment results and progress to parents in a timely manner, and provide detailed observations on students to assist the assessments.
  • Develop appropriate assessment tools to evaluate student learning and their understanding of the curriculum objectives, with or without the use of grades.
  • Help students to develop their own ability to self-assess and determine what their learning needs are in order to be successful.

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