Understanding Frameworks

The Teaching Quality Standard of Alberta states that “teachers function within a policy-based and results oriented education system authorized under the Education Act and other legislation and within policy frameworks established by school authorities.  Teachers recognize they are bound by standards of conduct expected of a caring, knowledgeable and reasonable adult who is entrusted with the custody, care or education of students or children. Teachers recognize their actions are bound in moral, ethical and legal considerations regarding their obligations to students, parents, administrators, school authorities, communities and society at large. Teachers acknowledge these obligations and act accordingly“.

I believe that I have met this standard by demonstrating the following:

  • Following all district policies related to teaching, student care and supervision with the utmost care and attention to ensure student safety in all learning environments.  This is especially true when participating in any off-site based learning activities and environments (i.e. field trips) that my students participate in.
  • Engaging in positive, appropriate and trusting relationships with all students by being open and approachable to all students.  I believe that having a sense of humour and a positive attitude each day is not only a good example for students, it also fosters a caring and safe learning environment and allows students to be comfortable in their classroom space.

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